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Fully Licensed, Trained, & Insured/ Bonded Therapists

Complimentary Aroma Therapy / Soothing Music


Our Mission is to promote relaxation and stress relief, at the office or special event, and a pain free lifestyle through therapeutic massage while supporting you in healing yourself holistically by using acupressure that focuses on the area client’s back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands with the most tension. Our goal is to promote natural solutions as well as education that ultimately results in helping you realize optimum health and happiness in the office or at your special events.


Massage Packages

We Have Differnt Packages To Fit Your Budget!

One-Time Event as low as $85/hr

Our Chair Massage Discounts

Bundle Your Savings!

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First Time Event

Are you new to us?  If this is your first time, then enjoy $10 off the $85/hour rate*.  (*No other discounts can be combined. Minimums apply.)

Military Discounts

We honor those who have served us with a discount of $15 OFF on our services!  Thank you for your service and dedication to this country!

Law Enforcement Discount

We are proud to offer the men and women who protect us on a daily basis a generous discount of $15 OFF.

Medical Personnel Discount

We are proud to offer the dedicated men and women who give us care and comfort on a daily basis a generous discount of $15 OFF from $85 an hour

NOTE: Transportation fee will apply if more than 30 miles from Deltona area.

Massage Benefits


Massage has many health benefits including lowering your blood pressure, reducing carpal tunnel symptoms increases the flow of Lymph and enhances the immune system.


Massage therapy releases endorphins & enhances mood while boosting energy!

Reduce Stress

Massage therapy has the added benefit of reducing depression anxiety and stress. It can also alleviates back pain while relieving headache and migraine pain.

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